In the past I've always stuck to attending free tech conferences such as Microsoft's excellent Future Decoded or the Google Cloud Next roadshows. They are great events but you hear so many good things about the main conference circuit that this year I've taken the plunge and registered for my first paid conference - Full Stack Fest 2019.

Why Full Stack Fest?

There are so many tech conferences around the world that you could comfortably spend an entire year jetting around visiting each one, so why Full Stack Fest?

  • The sessions - we all head to conferences to make us better developers and that's where the main conference sessions come in. Some of the topics being covered are: JAM stack, serverless, WebAssembly and HTTP3 but there are also sessions on softer skills so it's a really well rounded schedule. For me a lot of the session will be covering new topics which is awesome.

  • It's single track - unlike most conferences where there are several session on at the same time Full Stack Fest only has one session in each time slot. This means all attendees have the same experience and there are no agonising decisions over which session to attend only to find the session you've decided on is full.

  • Networking - there are social events each night which is great for meeting new people and discussion the days sessions over a drink and some food.

  • The location - the conference takes place at the start of September in Sitges which is a town about half an hour west of Barcelona. Who doesn't like a little Mediterranean sun to round off the summer?

Check it out

I would encourage you to head on over to the website and check it out for yourself. There are some really interesting podcasts featuring the speakers on this years lineup and loads of information on the sessions.

I'll be blogging from the event so stay tuned in September!